What is Kuroshiro

Kuroshiro starts as a personal project of mine @AkumaPyon,Because I like Doodles and Animals

with a collection of 1,000+ unique cats & our discord to share cat pics. Kuroshiro holders receive access to exclusive channels and voting power 

We meow together.

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Why Kuroshiro

Kuroshiro is for those who love animals

Each month 50% of the ETH gathered via

NFT Sales, will go to our foundation wallet


The community will be able to decide

which nonprofit organization we support.

1 Kuro == 1 Vote

10 Kuro == 10 Votes


Each month we will have a Transparency

Report in our Discord Server

With the Movements of the

Foundation Wallet if There is Any

Funds Allocation : 
50% To the Foundation Wallet
20% Server Costs
30% Community Events & Artists


Kuro is a variated art proyect

including robots, hats, magic , swords

kawaii style, anime style

funny things, food , animals

and so much more! 
each kuro is unique


Each Kuro Has 3 Types of Mechanics

Depending on Rarity they Will Have More

Animated Kuros are the Maximum Rare Kuros


This will represent the type of rarity of the Kuro 

Main Attribute

Attribute is the main Inspiration for this Kuro

" Space Suit "

Secondary Attribute

This is the approximate style of the Kuro

"Robotic Style" , "Magical" ,"Medieval"

and Many More Secret Attributes 

There are 0+ kuro holders in the internet as of today.


Minted Kuros



0.075 ETH

To Be Donated This Month


Non Profits


No matter the success of the project I will continue working on it

  • September 2022

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Kuro.Club Web Release, Minting Starts on A Weekly Basis, Discord Server Setup, Rarible NFT Release,

  • November 2022

    A Foundation is Born

    The first donation will be made. If there is any community we will be voting for the nonprofit.

    Animated Kuro's Will Be Released Bi Weekly

    Premium MEE6 Bot

    Kuros With Color Backgrounds

  • December 2022

    Transition to Full Service

    Kuro.Club Physical Goodies Store Release

    Physical Kuroshiro's Nfts for Early Holders and Early Voters of the Foundation

    The Kuro.Club Shop will follow our foundation Rules. Donating 50% of the earnings

  • March 2023

    Phase Two Expansion

    For Phase Toe Expansion

    Kuro.Club Metaverse Made in Unity by Me

    a Social gathering Metaverse for Kuro Holders Only, Where you will be able to show your favorite Kuros,